1990 -Masi 3V the Queen

One of the prerogatives of the Masi brand has always been understood as a real improvement on the essence of the frame, not a sterile attempt at customization, but done on the grounds of substantial change. So was the case with the 3V model frame. A frame with tube of different diameter that could be inserted into cast lugs which engage the tubes from the inside with a sort of snap to create a result of absolute precision. The idea of tubes of different diameter took hold later, even in a split way and not in the House of Masi, when the Tig welders shunted the traditional lug and give way to interpret the frame with bizarre large section tubes which enhance rigidity in a way more alleged than what actually is.

The 3V frame became the maximum expression of technology in the early 1980’s and is also a great way of glorifying a habit of the past where nothing is discarded and everything can be repaired. In fact the new lugs are particularly well suited to any change of a dented or otherwise damaged tube since it’s very easy to remove it from the same lug without doing damage. The special rear dropouts allow absolute precision in the tube assembly.

In this post the Masi 3v,  The Queen,  in color white pearl, one of the beautiful Masi of  90’s, by Thebikeplace


Telaio – Masi 3v

Gruppo – Record c Campagnolo, delta brake





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Grande passione per la fotografia, il ciclismo e le bici da corsa "dei mie tempi" .


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